Augusta Rugby Club


To be part of the Augusta Rugby Club requires participation.

Augusta Rugby Welcome Packet

To play with our club requires you to register on USA Rugby that you belong to our club.

Register on USA Rugby!

**Instructions on how to use USA Rugby site:
Once on USA Rugby

  1. Click “Create / Renew Individual Membership”
  2. Fill in information on page and click “Continue”.
  3. If you have been a member, click on your Name.
  4. If not, click “Continue Registration as New Member”.
  5. Check all the boxes on the lower left and click “Accept Waiver”.
  6. Fill in information on page and click “Continue”.
  7. Fill in the line that says “I am a [choose "Player"] [choose "Senior"] for [start typing augusta and choose "Augusta Rugby Football Club (Club)"] then click “Save”
  8. Then click “Checkout”
  9. Fill out the Payment Info and click “Pay Now”