Augusta Rugby Club


Fall 15s

Want to Join the Team
Augusta Rugby Fooball Club is always recruiting players of all experience levels, all shapes, all sizes, and all levels of athletic ability. To check this addicting sport out for yourself, grab a pair of shorts, a t-shirt you don’t mind getting ripped, a mouthguard (any mouthguard from a sporting store will do), and a pair of cleats (if you have them, otherwise cross trainers will work fine to start).

Fall 15s Practice

Rugby PracticeTuesdays 6:30 – 8:30pm @ Julian Smith Casino Softball Field, Thursdays 6:30 – 8:30pm @ Our Pitch, Saturdays 11 – 1pm @ Our Pitch (if we don’t have a match)

Fall 2014 15s


Our Pitch is at 100 Wood St Augusta, GA 30904

Date Location
09/20/14 Black Rose Tourney (Statesboro, GA)
09/27/14 @ Gwinnett Griffens (Gwinnett, GA)
10/04/14 @ Hilton Head (Hilton Head, SC)
10/18/14 @ 2pm Hilton Head (Augusta, GA)
10/25/14 Macon Love (Augusta, GA)
11/01/14 @ GRITS (Gwinnett, GA)
11/15/14 Winter 15s Classic (Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA)

***Socials will be held at Metro Brewpub located at 11th and Broad St***